Single axis station (MPS50S)
  • Single axis station (MPS50S)
  • Single axis station (MPS50S)

Single axis station (MPS50S)


* MPS is a dedicated equipment which provides magnetic field up to 2 Tesla.
* MPS is a complete system integrating magnetic field, anti-vibration table and probing system. Since
this is highly dedicated tool, please contact us for more information.
* All standard CV, IV, microwave, and electro-optical probing can be performed
* Testing magneto-transport parameters.
* The main application is magnetic devices or materials.
More Details
Single Axis Magnetic Probe Station
Base Machine:
*Sample size: up to 15mmx15mm
*Sample stage Travel:  X-Y 10mm 
*Anti-vibration table with 50mm granite plate
Electro Magnet:
* 50mH inductance coil
* 1750W
* Pole included
* Cooilng chiller included
Power Supply:
*Input: 190-240VAC, 1Φ 2W, 50/60 Hz
*Output: 0-30VDC / 0-80A 
*Max Power: 3.0KW 
*Communication:  GPIB / USB
* Labview Driver
* CE certificate