Founded in 2004, Super Solutions & Services (3S) initially focused on the production and sales of probe stations, with universities and research institutes as its primary clients, and the early products were simple in structure, affordable, and suitable for beginners and customers with limited budgets. After more than a decade of efforts, our production line has expanded from low-end probe stations to high-end probe stations and even automatic probe stations, in addition to standard probe stations, we have also developed other product lines, including vacuum cryogenic probe stations, magnetic field probe stations, double-sided probe stations, high-low temperature probe stations, Hall effect measurement systems and other process equipment, in addition to standard products, we also work on customer-made products, we have an experienced engineering team that can provide a variety of custom services to customers with special needs.


    Initially, our business area was only in Taiwan, then expanded to China and established a distribution network there, and then expanded our service area to five continents, including the United States, France, Italy, India, Russia and Singapore which have collaborative partners to serve local customers. At present, our products have been sold to more than two dozen countries or regions around the world, the number of sales is also more than 500 sets.


    "Think smart Think SWIN" is our slogan, SWIN is the brand name of our products, the letter S is symmetrical up and down, and closely linked, which stands for that 3S and customers do not distinguish each other, work closely together to create the greatest value. Hope that customers in the search for SWIN comes to mind from the moment of the smartest solution, so it also leads to another of our slogan, "We Sell Winner Solutions", which we have worked so hard to make our customers who care us so much can be the biggest winners and the most glorious.


    3S is about to enter its 18th year, more than ten years of continuous efforts, we have practiced a kung fu, ready to accept a variety of challenges. Thank to our lovely customers for years of support, to provide us with the opportunity for continuous growth, but also thanks to many long-term partners, has been injected into our progress momentum, looking to the future, we will release more “smart” solutions to create higher value for our customers.