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DC Probe Tip


* The solid probe tips are precision crafted from a 0.020 inch (0.51mm) diameter solid shaft that is electrochemically sharpened to a specified point. These durable solid shaft probe tips are for use in probing an integrated circuit, pad, or line. A variety of radius point sizes from 1.0 microns to 100 microns are available to accommodate any probing need.

* The solid tips are quite strong and can be used to scratch or punch through multiple layers of passivation while offering reliable probing.
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* Material: Tungsten (W), Beryllium Copper (BeCu)
* W tips for Aluminum pads
* BeCu tips for gold pads
* Length: 31mm, 37mm 
* Gold plating on request

TT11 um solid tungsten tip (straight)
TT55um solid tungsten tip(straight)
TT1010umsolid  tungsten tip(straight)
TT2020umsolid  tungsten tip(straight)
TT100100um solid tungsten tip(straight)
BT11um solid tungsten tip(bent)
BT55um solid tungsten tip(bent)
BT1010um solid tungsten tip(bent)
BT2020um zolid tungsten tip (bent)
BC2525um BeCu tip(straight)
BC100100um BeCu tip(straight)

Other specs on request