Catswisker tips (T-4 series)

Catswisker tips (T-4 series)


* T-4 tips are for used for probing integrated circuits, pads, or lines. Each T-4 tip uses the same 10, 22, 35, 60, or 125 micron diameter tungsten wire mounted to a 0.020 inch diameter, 2 inch long tinned copper shaft.

* An advantage of the 10 and 22 micron models is that because the tungsten probing wire is thin and flexible it minimizes damage to the integrated circuit and allows them to probe the device for a much longer period of time. The flexible T-4 tip remains in contact with the circuit even in the presence of probe table vibration
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T-4-5Probing wire shaft : 5um, point tip < 0.1um
T-4-10Probing wire shaft : 10um, point tip < 0.1um
T-4-22Probing wire shaft : 22um, point tip < 1.0um
T-4-125Probing wire shaft : 125um, point tip < 5.0um