Alloying Furnace (RC-800)

Alloying Contacts To Semiconductor Samples Under Controlled Conditions

*Easy access to temperature controlled specimen stage.
*Compact furnace for temperatures up to 750°C.
*Controlled melting using optical observation system.
*In situ oxide removal prior to melting contact material.
*Range of alloys available for use with the equipment.
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1.Environmental Chamber: 
Borosilicate Glass 60mm dia x 80mm high Gas inlet and outlet. Quick release fixing into furnace base. 
2.Specimen Stage: 
40mm dia Circular Quartz Stage, Low mass heater.
3.Temperature Control:
Digital Controller interactive with timer. Maximum stage temperature 750°C.
0-99.99 hours
5.Gas Handling System: 
Flowmeters fitted with associated valves

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